Merino Wool - Why wear it?

We’re sure you know how we feel about cashmere. So when we tell you that another yarn has stolen our hearts, you understand that this is big news. We’ve carried a few styles in merino for years now, and as autumn arrives we’re reminded of the many reasons we love it.  

1. Softness

Merino is one of the finest wools making it light weight and soft against your skin. We’re cashmere enthusiasts after all, so texture is one of the last areas where we’ll compromise. For maximum cosiness and versatility, we recommend the Christina Poncho.

2. Wicking

Not a word you expect to hear outside of the active wear department? Trust us, we were just as surprised as you.  Merino has natural wicking ability making it the perfect choice for hitting the links or a walk in the park when mornings are cool but the afternoon promises to heat up.  For walks, we recommend the  Adele Poncho featuring a hood and front pocket ideal for holding keys or a wallet.

3. Breathability

Similar to its wicking ability, merino releases the heat you build up when you’re hitting the slopes, taking a walk, or under deadline at your desk.

4. Heating and Cooling.

Nothing insulates quite like merino making it the perfect choice as the temperature drops.  When things heat up, merino not only absorbs moisture while feeling dry to the touch, it also releases it quickly to keep you cool.

5. Stretch

Merino has an incredible natural ability to maintain its shape due to its natural elasticity. Not only is merino the perfect choice for hot or cold weather, your jumper will maintain its shape despite year-round wear.

You’ll be pleased to hear that all our Merino is mulesing free.

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