sustainability_belinda_robertsonAt Belinda Robertson, we are committed to doing our part to reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact.

As part of one of the worlds’ largest polluting industries, we aim to reduce our contribution every chance we get. We’re combatting the industry’s waste problem by making timeless, ageless pieces but we want to go further than that by sticking to our three principles.

      1. We only use natural fibres. In our experience, we can only achieve the fit and quality we promise with natural fibres sourced directly form the best cashmere goats and merino sheep.

      2. We concentrate our efforts.  In order to give each item the attention it requires, we offer a small, curated collection every season. That way, every jumper we make will last for years to come. We never want to spread ourselves too thin because it often means compromising on quality.

      3. We don’t like to waste. We’re committed to extending the life of any cashmere item whether it’s through proper care or by giving it new life as part of our Life after Love program. Our cut and sew process creates new accessories out of your damaged or unwanted cashmere items using less water and energy than re-spinning processes.