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The only thing easier than packing our Luxe Jersey collection is wearing it.

We love taking our Jersey collection on holiday. Every item is comfortable enough for lounging but polished enough to wear to dinner or a show with the addition of a scarf or statement jewellery.

Jersey is also incredibly easy to pack because folds up quite nicely and every item is incredibly versatile. In fact, we’re able to fit a long weekend’s worth of jersey, toiletries, and accessories into our favourite carry on, the Gladstone London 48-hour bag. The secret to our success is that we fold every item carefully, then roll it up tightly and place it in the Belinda Robertson branded pouch you received at purchase so it takes up minimal space in your bag and is wrinkle free when you arrive.

We love to wear jersey in flight, as well. We recommend pairing our Tuscany Sporty Trousers with a Venice or Nairobi top, and bringing along a Camilla scarf or Adele cape in case you’re chilly on the plane. The soft and stretchy texture of our jersey line is comfortable enough to get you through a long-haul flight looking and feeling fantastic. As an added bonus, you’re wrinkle free and ready to hit the ground running when you land.

If you’re taking a late afternoon or evening flight, we suggest packing a Milan or San Marino top in our carry-on luggage so we’re ready for dinner or drinks right away. Or you can pair those same trousers with a flat or a sandal for a day of sightseeing. (Belinda’s Tip: hemmed my Tuscany Sporty trousers for flats and my Paris Palazzo pants to wear with a heel or wedge and I pack one of each.)

Our goal is for you to look fresh and put-together (but never too polished) even when you’re living out of a suitcase.


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