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Article: How to get rid of Clothes Moths?

How to get rid of Clothes Moths?
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How to get rid of Clothes Moths?

Moths 1 - Cashmere 0. Every cashmere coveters worst nightmare.

Weren’t able to prevent an attack? How do you get rid of Clothes Moths?

It’s ok - we are here to help. It may sound like a chore, but if you follow our guide we promise you'll get rid of any unwanted guests and importantly, help prevent any future outbreaks.

First up, start hoovering. Give the entire house a thorough cleaning in order to suck up any larvae. Get right into the nooks and crannies of all wardrobes. Moth's love dark, undisturbed corners. Make sure you empty the bag and take it right outside to the bin so they can’t breed.

Next, empty your wardrobe giving every item a good shake and an inspection for holes. You’ll also need to give your drawers and cupboard a good cleaning. This will call for another round of hoovering to catch any larvae that remain.

Even if you haven’t found a single hole (and especially if you have) all cashmere jumpers should go into the freezer for 48 hours which will kill any lingering larvae. We recommend using large sealable bags. No need to wrap jumpers individually.

Then, turn to the moth spray (we recommend Lakeland’s spray) and give a careful coating to any upholstered furniture, blankets, carpets, or rugs as moths love any natural fibre- not just cashmere. They have very good taste. You’ll want to follow this with another thorough house-wide hoovering. Repeat this process weekly for the next two weeks. You’ll have to spray and hoover again in three months, to ensure that you’ve taken care of any larvae that may have survived.

All cashmere jumpers should go into the freezer for 48 hours which will kill any lingering larvae

In the meantime, be sure to store your favourite cashmere in sealed bags, our clear sweater bags are pretty handy and hold up to 3 sweaters per bag. You're best to have moth boxes in your cupboards too, to monitor any pesty critters returning. There is nothing moths' hate more than lavender and cedar, so keep plenty of this in all your drawers. A nifty trick we've found is breaking up the finished ends of candles, and storing the wax in boxes at the bottom of your wardrobe. And it will keep your clothes smelling delicious.

In the event that one of your jumpers has fallen victim to those unwanted guests, simply send it to us. Our Repair and Revive team will evaluate your items and provide you with a quote. Items that cannot be repaired may be donated to our Life after Love program in exchange for 20% off your next Belinda Robertson purchase.

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