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It’s no secret that we love cashmere. It is the finest, most luxurious yarn in the world. These super soft fibres are collected only once annually from the undercoat of cashmere goats with the cream of the crop coming from under the goat’s belly and from baby goats under a year old. Not only is it super soft, cashmere is produced in very small quantities and requires a long and detailed production process, that we only trust to the experts, making it one of the most highly-prized, and therefore most expensive, yarns in the world.


Merino sheep are one of the world’s most ancient and toughest breeds. Their fleece allows them to endure temperatures from 35 degrees to 20 below zero. What’s their secret? Merino is technically active, meaning that it understands how to regulate temperature by switching between its own hot and cool settings as needed. With this level of versatility, it’s no wonder Merino is the go-to yarn for luxury sports wear. You’ll be pleased to hear that all our Merino is mulesing free.


Cashmere plays well with others and sometimes we use it alongside another fibre to give it a little boost. By adding cashmere to a standard wool blend, we can make our favourite silhouettes a bit more versatile.
For some extra luxury, we also mix our cashmere with silk. While equally soft, cashmere can’t compete with silk’s strength. Together, they create a blend that’s as strong as it is luxurious.


We’ve spent many years developing our Luxe Jersey Line to achieve the quality synonymous with our brand. Using our knitwear knowledge, we’ve developed a fabric that brings our designs to life at a weight that will fit and wear well. Every jersey silhouette is designed to drape over the body skimming but not clinging to your figure - turning heads and making you feel confident. Our Luxe Jersey collection is incredibly soft and makes the perfect layer underneath any of our jumpers if you have sensitive skin. Smart enough for cocktails but pyjama-level comfort? It’s a no brainer.